Our Story

From all the love stories that could be told, there something that makes them unique in this case, Cristina and Francisco met when God wanted, at the right moment and with a purpose.Francisco, met Cristina at church during a youth group gathering. Cristina, with deep shyness (sike!) ,talked to Francisco saying: “Come, have a sit with me so you don’t feel alone!”. Francisco loved her kindness and granted Cristina request, sitting beside her. After a few week gone by, they met at a birthday party, where Cristina served Francisco all night long, then he noticed something was off or different about Cristina’s interest. After a while talking about a new platform, Cristina wanted to build an app, where Francisco told her that they could meet up someday to plan and develop that app. That date came and Francisco and Cristina talked about everything except the app. After this date they wouldn’t stop talking on the phone and texting, until the official First Date came, taking her to the theater and Old San Juan, where Cristina straight forward told Francisco that this was not a game, and 4 years later here we are making this post, we cant reveal every detail of the story, you will have to find out later on, on January 8,2017